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It’s Contagious

It was 2020 and the height of COVID-19. Rumours about the virus were floating around like, well, the virus. We developed this interactive game to help dispel misinformation and spread the facts instead. 

Fun to play

Most of the main audience’s entry point was through promoted social media posts. We needed to create something entertaining and engaging to contrast with the seriousness of the topic and encourage viral sharing.

True or False?

The user views a series of statements and decides what is true and what’s not. We created a thumbs up or thumbs down system where the user can drag these noodly arms to answer questions quickly. The more you get right the more you level up with trickier questions and a snazzier thumb avatar.  

2.8M game impressions

The game has since launched in over 30 countries and many languages. We’ve also built multiple iterations of this project with alternate subsets of illustration designs targeted at specific regions.