At Premise, we develop brands and design collateral no matter what the media – print, environmental, digital applications or web. Our work connects and inspires engagement between our clients and their target audiences. Work that our clients can build on, that are strategically sound, and that work.

But really, that’s the short version. Drop by or give us a call and we’ll give you the really long-winded version over a coffee (or several).

Where to find us:

Find us on foot:

445 Crawford Street,
Toronto, Ontario
M6G 3J7
416 / 408 4331

Reach us by email:
We keep a good eye on this email address, and will respond to your message as promptly as possible.

For all other inquiries:
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Who are those handsome fellas:

Kevin Hoch, AOCA, RGD

Owner, Creative Director

With 20+ years of award-winning design experience under his belt, Kevin is the helpful guy you might want in the room when forging a Picasso on an Etch-A-Sketch or to distinguish between Arial and Helvetica in 6pt type. He’s definitely the guy you need to bring some extraordinary expertise in design, branding, and strategic planning to your next communications project. When he’s not busy leading the Premise design team, he’s whipping up boeuf bourguignon, ordering scotch in foreign countries, or running around dog parks with his exceptionally cute puppy, Willow.

Colin Payson, AWES, OME


Working as a designer for over seven years alongside Kevin, Colin carries a unique toolkit of design and technical skills. Often jumping between a great range of design disciplines such as print, interactive, video production or large scale signage, there isn’t much he hasn’t discovered the knack for. His work over the years has garnered several awards as well as notoriety in various industry publications. Cursed with an obsession for all things Robot and Batman, his colleagues are in constant envy of his sizeable toy collection, except for Brian.

Doug Wollison

Interactive Developer

A self-taught web developer and graphic design graduate from Windsor, Ontario, Doug has a hybrid design/development skill set. Although fairly new to the game with just over 6 years of experience, he already has extensive knowledge of both front-end and back-end development. During his time here at Premise, he has knocked out numerous high-end, mobile-ready websites for clients ranging from the fashion industry to the education sector. Doug is involved in nearly all web projects at Premise, and handles much of the technical administration of the sites built.

That’s all of the boring bits